Mark Rothschild, MD, FACC

Mark Rothschild, MD, FACC



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See photos from Cliff Malzman's travels in over 100 countries at

In between college and medical school I had an extreme urge to start seeing the world. The thought of becoming exposed to different peoples, cultures, and art loomed large in my consciousness. The opportunity presented itself, and I took 3 months to backpack through Western Europe and the British Isles. This experience served as the launching pad for my ambition to become a world traveler.

Despite having had my interest in seeing the world stimulated, my attention shifted to the practice of cardiology, which I have done since 1987. Being a cardiologist has been a great joy both intellectually and emotionally.

One day in 2000, I ran into my friend Cliff who had just come back from Cambodia. I went to his house, heard about his travels and saw his slides. I was sold! We made plans to go on my first trip to Asia. Since then I have traveled in 43 countries on all 7 continents.

During this time I have become increasingly interested in photography. It has been my good fortune to see the world and to photograph its native peoples, animals and landscapes.

This website is a compilation of my experiences as a global photographer. Many of the human subjects included had never seen their images photographed and displayed by a camera before. I’d like to thank Cliff Malzman for accompanying me on many trips to the eastern hemisphere and collaborating with me photographically. It has also been a wonderful experience to travel with my wife, Lisa, on many of the other remaining trips.


A Map of My Travels